We will teach you to speak clearly, eloquently, and persuasively.
In just 10 lessons, you will confidently speak in public or on camera without fear!
Orator club
You have the opportunity to join the exclusive community of Club Orators residents. As a member of the Club, you will receive up to a 50% discount on all trainings, access to a private chat, and an individual development plan. You will integrate the knowledge you acquire through weekly presentations.
10 000+
13+ years
founding year of the club
people trained across the country
Ilyas Batyrov is engaged in public speaking
About the club
What will you be able to achieve by completing the training?
You will be able to stand out among acquaintances with your uniqueness and charisma
You will gain confidence and learn how to persuade people
To achieve a new level of income by utilizing communication skills
To become independent from others' opinions and choose communication scenarios
To expand your vocabulary and eliminate the use of filler words
To effectively sell your product and clearly communicate its value
To overcome the fear of public speaking
To become a professional trainer and speaker
Why you will achieve a 100% result
The unique program consists of a synergy of the best global practices. Live training sessions are reinforced with homework assignments and culminate in live presentations in front of an audience. Learning takes place through practice, specifically through projects
In just a few weeks, you will be able to conduct a presentation or meeting at a completely new level. You will gain confidence that will reflect in all areas of your life
Orator community
Our environment influences us more than we think.
«y surrounding ourselves with positive and friendly people who share the same goals as us, the likelihood of achieving results increases exponentially. We support each other, provide inspiring feedback, and believe in one another.
By helping others grow, we ourselves grow
Get a discount on the training -15%
Take a trial lesson and we will give you a discount on the full training
How it works
You leave a request, our manager contacts you
and clarifies the details
Trial lesson
After passing the trial lesson, you choose the time of the training that is convenient for you
The training takes place on Saturday and Sunday at 11:00-18:00, where you master the theory and practice performances
Live performances
After a 2-day intensive course, you pass 4 tasks
in the form of public speeches within a month
What will you get?
After completing the training, graduates receive standardized certificates under the program "Speaker from God."
You will gain new tools for professional development, business growth, and personal life improvement
Networking within an expert community of successful and passionate individuals
Complete methodological support and mentoring
More opportunities to practice public speaking
The founder of the club is Ilyas Batyrov
  • Co-founder of Toastmasters Club Almaty, established in 2013
  • Founder of the first Toastmasters Club in Kazakhstan, founded in 2015
  • Since 2017, he has been a trainer for TEDx Women and TEDx Youth events
  • In 2018 and 2019, he served as a trainer for the Wecon.kz project in 13 cities across Kazakhstan
  • Business presentation instructor at Almaty Management University and a pitching instructor at the MOST business accelerator
  • Founder of the "Pled.Stories" podcast

He has been involved in public speaking since 2010 and has extensive experience working with large companies and teaching public speaking skills.
They have already done it!
The speakers trained by Ilyas Batyrov
Gulbanu Maygarina

Gulbanu Maygarina is the founder of the Lanzhou fast food restaurant chain, which is the fastest-growing franchise in Kazakhstan
Lyubov Dudchenko
Develops applications and robots to solve tasks in tourism and inclusive education
Aliza Shaikh
Engages in creative solutions and provides consulting on personal branding. Leads the creative group of the President of Kazakhstan
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Our students include both advanced communicators and individuals who are taking their first steps in public speaking.
Director of "AlmatyGeoCenter" companies.

The headquarters has over 100 employees who are professionals with a wide range of expertise.
A fitness trainer with two higher education degrees.

e have over 100 reviews that you can find on our Instagram @orator_club.
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